Green Laser Pointer – Tool for Stargazing

It would be a very frustrating thing for astronomers to be unable to identify an object in the night sky while you need to show the star you are pointing at to your companion. It might also bring a lot of embarrassment when you are waving your arms, pointing fingers, describing and gesturing hard while other people still have no idea which star or celestial objects pointing at. It’s so urgent for astronomers to find a efficient method to this problem, and the elegant and simple designed green laser pointer has got its wide application in the field of astronomy.

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As one of those high technology gadgets, green laser pointer has becoming more and more popular among those of astronomy researchers and enthusiasts. Green laser pointer is not only useful to pointing stars and other celestial objects, which is also very important in aligning telescope and for astrophotography. 

The unique color of green is the most sensitive color to naked eyes, and the medium wavelength of 532nm has made green laser pointer become the most preferred laser pointer in astronomy. As the result of the most sensitive color and medium wavelength, the beam of green laser pointer can spread to atmosphere in very short time while comparing with longer wavelength red laser pointer.

Usually astronomy series green laser pointer is available with an output power ranging from 5mW until 150mW. The light of higher power green laser pointer can reach the celestial objects in very short time, thus 150mW green laser pointer is quite useful to use in condition of astronomy teaching or astronomy researches with companions. A higher power green laser is also necessary on condition of bad weather such as heavy fogs, serious polluted atmosphere. The beam of green laser pointer is so bright that astronomer can just feel the beam is nearly touching the star.

astronomy,astronomy lasers,astronomy green laser pointers

It is a wonderful thing to point star with a green laser pointer, and anytime of sudden finding of a certain star will bring you great excitement. It is always necessary for astronomers to have a clear check if any flying air craft in the sky and take enough safety measures to protect eyes from hurt of beam radiation.