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There are thousands of varieties of laser pointers in the world, and green laser pointer is considered as the most popular one among all series of laser gadgets. Green laser pointer is not only used to seek funs but also a useful tool in our daily life.

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Among all series of laser pointers, green laser pointer is a very useful tool of presentation. From the first appearance of 5mW green laser pointer, green color laser pointer is just used as a tool for presentation in speech, lecture, teaching, and business conference etc. The bright beam of green laser pointer has made it visible in several hundred miles far away, thus it has become a very useful tool for actual use.

It would be the greatest job that high power green laser pointer has got wide application in those of high-tech required area such as military, astronomy, scientific research etc. Among all series of laser crystals, green color laser diode is famous for its high bright and visible beam. How can green laser pointer so popular in the world?

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Green color is the most sensitive color among all series of laser diodes, and the wavelength of 532nm has made green laser pointer has a good light dispersion in the atmospheres. The green laser pointer is especially bright in the night sky, thus it is especially loved by those of astronomy researchers and enthusiasts. The moment green laser is pointing at a star or other celestial objects; and it is so bright that you can feel your eye is almost touching the star. Green laser pointer is a very useful tool in astronomy research. The beam of 50mW green laser pointer can be used to watch some of spot in the clouds. During the astronomy teaching, astronomers only need to point the green laser pointer at any one of the star without moving hands or arms hardly. Green laser pointer is playing an indispensible part both in actual use and entertainment in our daily life.