LaserTo 808nm Series and 980nm Series Infrared Laser Pointer

People may be familiar with green, blue, red laser pointers and they are indeed useful devices in our daily life. People who purchase laser for ordinary applications tend to choose green, red and blue laser pointers for consideration. However, there is a kind of unusual laser pointer which called infrared laser pointer has drawn people’s attention recently.

Infrared laser or IR laser has a beam wavelength in the infrared spectrum which is from 750nm to 1nm. It’s a longer wavelength than visible light and a shorter wavelength than radio waves. The most obvious difference between IR lasers and colored lasers is that the IR lasers’ beam is invisible to the naked eyes, so it cannot be used for various ordinary applications like concert shows and alignment.

The unique specialty of IR laser determines it is not used by the common laser hobbyists. Infrared laser pointers are mainly used for military forces and government agencies worldwide. The invisible nature of IR lasers makes them ideal for hidden surveillance and the armies can make target acquisition on the battlefield without exposing to the enemies.

Security systems and alarms based on IR lasers are quite effective because the intruders can’t see the beam or know they have triggered the alert. People can usually see the IR laser being used in the block buster movies.

Besides, IR lasers have made great contribution in medical treatment field such as treating soft tissue injuries, promoting healing and acne treatment. Until now, there are already many recorded cases that infrared laser pointers have been successfully used to reduce inflammation of acute and chronic injuries.

LaserTo offers 980nm series infrared laser and 808nm series infrared laser pointer for selection and it has earned great popularity by sophisticated technology since released. It is well known that powerful laser pointers are dangerous and harmful for humans. The danger of IR laser is that the beam is invisible and it increases the chance for closer look. The beam can be seen through night vision device. Users should be more careful with IR laser because it may hurt your eyes faster than you thought.