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LaserTo is the world’s most professional online shop of laser pointers, handheld lasers, laser sight, industrial laser alignment, optical fiber detector, and laser accessories. Integrating with the most advanced laser diode technology into present available lasers, LaserTo is dedicated to offering the world’s most variety of lasers for high technology application.

Development History

With a vast team of qualified professional’s efforts on laser diode technology and partnering of several laser manufacturers in China mainland, LaserTo is able to combine the laser diode technology with cost performance handheld laser pointers together. LaserTo is always the best place for you to get the most qualified laser pointer at the most reasonable price and reliable quality.

LaserTo owns the most excellent sales and customer service team to help you get the most appropriate product for any application, the most prompt customer inquiry reply, and the latest shipment update status.

Together with the most sophisticated laser diode technology and professional team, LaserTo is dedicated to offering the most high-end red laser pointer, blue laser pointer, blue violet laser pointer, green laser pointer, and infrared laser pointer to customers worldwide. Simply browse through our products grouped by color/wavelength and power output, and choose a laser that suits your needs, whether it's for personal or professional use, we always have a laser pointer that's perfect for you.

As the world’s first producer of high degree laser diode, LaserTo is specialized in manufacturing high quality laser pointer, portable laser and handheld lasers. High powered infrared, blue, green laser pointers, laser sights are especially applicable in astronomy research, military, scientific research, and optic experiments. Laser alignments have got special applications in industrial laser alignment system, and optical fiber detectors are most applicable by technicians for optical fiber test and location etc. Laser safety goggles are playing the most important part in protecting humans in operation laser devices.

Most of lower power laser pointers have been used in astronomical, medical, military, laboratory and other purposes, and our high power green lasers also become the best option for those creative and daring sprits who never want to use a laser as a presentation pointer in teaching and amusement, a stargazer, a money detector, or a cat toy. Moreover, we have integrated the most high-end laser technology and sophisticated craftsmanship to promote the laser's cost performance, and to offer the most affordable lasers to all customers who want a retail or quantity purchase.

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