Wonderful Experiment of Green Laser Pointer from Laserto.com

Has not been the recommendation by my best Linda, it is really impossible to have a view of my 200mW green laser pointer and it has really brought me a lot of joy in my life. It is always a funny and educational thing for me to do experiment with my powerful laser pointer. I will share my wonderful experience with all of laser lovers all over the world.
First, it is always quite easy and interesting thermal experiment to pop balloons. Usually people can choose a laser pointer no less than 75mw to do it, and the more powerful laser gadget would certainly shorten the time of popping. Before doing the thermal experiment, you’d better prepare black or dark color balloons so as to increase the absorbing of enough energy in the shortest time until popping. People should pay attention to the selection of the color of laser pointer so as to save the energy of laser power. In addition, it is also important to keep steady of both laser pointer and balloons during experiment.
Second, you will see burning experiment brought by the green laser pointer. It is an exciting experiment to cut electric tapes with a high power laser. It is also very important for laser man to keep laser pointers and the ring of electric tape steady so as that the laser spot can concentrate enough energy on the tape until a lot of smoke coming from the tape. It is necessary to fix the electric tape and hang it on a chair or the corner of the desk in order to produce enough tension to make the burning much easier.
Finally I will share my experience of experiment of moving objects. It is no joke that the beam of a high power green laser pointer is powerful enough to move object. At least it is powerful enough to move the vanes in a radiometer. People would need a Crookes radiometer that has a complete vacuum in the globe and the vanes have virtually frictionless support. While people are aiming the laser pointer at the silver side of the vanes, and people can see the most exciting result that vanes start to move very rapidly.
Anyway, it is very interesting and meaningful thing to do experiment, and people should always pay attention to the strong laser power and keep eyes safe from the powerful light during experiment.