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There are different kinds of 100mW green laser pointer, the bright beam of which can stretch more than 6,000 feet far away, and thus it is considered as the perfect tool for stargazing in the night sky. Since various kinds of 100mW green laser pointers are available in the laser diode market, people will see some difference from these of laser pointers. Laser pointers with IR filter are much more popular than those of formal lasers because they are not only much more powerful than usual ones at the same range of output power, but the most important of should be that such laser pointers are the most safe lasers than any other kind of lasers. As a result, you should check carefully with IR filter or not, thus you can use it safely and the IR filter can well protect your eyes from radiation of the bright laser beam.

100mw green laer pointer

The beam of high powered 100mW green laser pointer can be used to point object at a quite long distance far away, pop balloons in black color, burn black head matches, cut electric tapes. This higher power green laser pointer will be no longer a toy, but a tool for seeking entertainment, so it should be kept out of the hands of children.

Usually this 100mW green laser pointer is an ideal tool for presentation in a business, lecture, and speech or in a classroom. The beam of green laser pointer can be visible in several hundred miles far away, and which is playing an especially important part in astronomy research. In the night sky, the beam can be used to point stars and other celestial objects, and it will make an easy and quick pointing of a certain celestial object. The beam is so bright and visible while pointing the object that you can feel your eyes are nearly touching the star.

Whenever you are using this 100mW green laser pointer, you should pay enough attention to the high output power and a clear check of any fly objects is always necessary.