Portable Green Laser Pointer from Laserto.com

Professionals have never stopped their steps to make more and more high power laser pointers available in the marketplace, meanwhile, they have begun to pay much more attention to the exploration of laser pointers with multiple colors and series. For example, laser diode professionals have done great efforts on various colors of laser pointers. Violet laser pointer, yellow laser pointer, blue laser pointer has already explored as well as those usual seen red and green laser pointer.


IR filter,IR filter lasers,IR filter green laser pointer


This is not enough and on the contrary, professionals have paid more attention to actual use of the laser pointers. Portable handheld laser pointer and higher power laser pointers are all playing an indispensible part in area of those of high-tech required field such as military combat, astronomy research, scientific research, medical, laboratory experiment etc. Different from common pen designed green laser pointer, portable laser pointers are much more inclined to the exploration of laser pointers with high output power. For example, portable green lasers are available from an output power range from 200mW to 700mW, which is the first special place where the highest power laser available.

The power supply of portable green laser is varying from common green laser pointer. Different from the usual 2 AAA battery, only one “No. 18650” Li battery is applied in portable green laser, which is certainly much more powerful than the usual AAA battery power supply. The handheld designed high power green laser has got wide application in modern time military battles. The single use of high power portable green laser is so powerful that it can blind eyes of enemy immediately and also useful in detection of enemy location.

IR filter,IR filter lasers,IR filter laser pointer

It would be much safer to use portable green with IR filter, which will be much more powerful than usual laser pointer since IR filter can perfectly block infrared light without radiation, and the most important of all should be safest tool to use. As a result, people should always take high caution whenever using a high power portable laser or pen series laser pointers and laser goggles are always necessary to use.