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In order to make people worldwide have a general understanding to laser pointers, we have now developed a website of multiple languages. At present, multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese has been available. Meanwhile, we will develop more and more languages gradually to meet requirements of people all over the world. We sincerely hope more and more laser fans and laser amateurs join us and enjoy laser fun together.
On basis of original website of, we have now newly developed platform: Meanwhile, we always updated new products as below:
445nm blue laser pointer:
Arthur Series 1W Waterproof Blue Laser Pointer

Levin series 1500mW Adjustable Focus Blue Laser Pointer

Coupon Code: LT-AC30$ ($30 off)

Infrared laser pointer:
808nm Infrared Laser Pointer
980nm Infrared Laser Pointer
1064nm Infrared Laser Pointer

Infrared Laser Pen:
808nm Infrared Laser Pen
980nm Infrared Laser Pen

In addition, we also provide DPSS laser, laser module, laser accessories. We can always manufacture and supply laser and laser accessories according to the need of customers. We are now sending $10, $20, $30 coupon codes to customers who are taking an order at
Coupon code sending rules:
$10 coupon code: purchase of laser pointer 1mW-150mW
Coupon Code: LT-OP10$
$20 coupon code: purchase of laser pointer 200mW-700mW
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$30 coupon code: Purchase of laser pointer 800mW – 5W
Coupon Code: LT-AC30$

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