Introduction of Long Distance Laser Designator

There would be nothing more suitable than this long distance laser designator when it is used for laser alignment, shooting, hunting, rescue and outdoor activities. It is always a correct choice for men when it is mounted on rifles, machines for measurement, shooting, and aiming targets and so on.

It is the first time I had the chance to do review of the long distance 532nm green laser designator. Different from formal laser pointer, it completely creates true night vision and turns your scoped rifle into a night hunter. While mounting on rifles, handguns, this long distance gadget can always make a super rapid and accurate targeting acquisition in the easiest way. As a result, this 10× expansion laser designator has really created a great wonder in long distance shooting and targeting, which is no doubt a perfect tool for laser alignment, hunting, shooting and targeting etc.

green laser designator
Combining with a powerful green laser diode, and a precision optical collimator, this long distance laser designator with the scopes can nearly cast a bright beam of green laser light of fully illuminate targets up to 300 meters in the wild. This high efficient laser designator is no doubt a masterpiece of laser experts and professionals.

laser pointerIn real battle fields, this high efficient laser designator optical collimator allows for quick, one hand, full range adjustment of beam diameter and light strength with just 360 degrees of rotation. You never have need to take your eyes off the target or your hands off the trigger. This long distance green laser designator with the high power green laser light reflects intensely off the eyes of animal allowing quick detection up to 100 meters.
This long distance laser designator is featured by high quality green laser module, optical glass lens, driver circuit and housing, thus soldiers or hunters can always make an easy, instant targeting from a very long distance far away. This portable and lightweight laser designator is no doubt a unique choice for soldiers and hunters to use in laser alignment, aiming and positioning, hunting and spotting.
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