Green Laser Pointer 200mW Review

It is always eternal pursue of fashion spotters to search for the most popular and most fashionable gadget in our daily life. Anyway, most laser amateurs and enthusiasts are always searching for the most bright and visible laser pointers for various kinds of fun and entertainments.
What the hell can a laser pointer bring to our daily life? Alongside those of basic applications such as presentation in experiment, scientific research, teaching, a powerful green laser pointer 200mW is always a good idea to burn matches, light cigarette, cut electric tape, and pop balloons etc. Different people can always find various kinds of fun and enjoys from a powerful laser pointer. As a result, I have made several experiment of the powerful 200mW green laser laser pointer 200mWComparing with all available laser devices, 532nm green laser pointer is considered as the brightest and most visible color laser pointer. Since green color is most sensitive to human eyes, people can always make a clear observation of this kind of lasers. 532nm green color laser beam can easily reach human retina in the shortest time. It is just the reason why green laser pointer makes a visible light to human eyes.

Usually a green laser pointer 100mW or more is able to do burning experiment. However, a green laser pointer 200mW would make a better result. A high power laser gadget can always make a better result, so green laser pointer 200mW would be fine to choose. I have made several experiments as follows. It can always make a perfect burning in very short time.
I have made a research and found majority of laser pointers are equipped without infrared light filter. Anyway, infrared light is harmful to human eyes, but it is not as serious as it is described in some other sites. Usually people would wear laser safety goggles to protect eyes safe whenever pointing powerful laser gadgets in hands. The suitable color laser safety goggles would perfectly protect human eyes from being hurt by powerful laser beam and infrared light. I have learned some knowledge about infrared light and get the result why most of lasers are produced without infrared filter. The infrared light would affect the output power of laser pointer, thus it can make the laser pointer not as powerful as it should be. A laser pointer without an infrared filter doesn’t mean a shoddy laser pointer. A qualified laser pointer is just a suitable one with long life time, high performance and stable operation during long time exercise.The time of pointing a high power laser pointer, people should always pay enough attention to its high power and remember to wear laser safety goggles to protect you safe. A red color laser safety goggles would perfectly prevent powerful beam from a 532nm green laser pointer. In addition, it is always necessary to learn more knowledge of how to operate a high powerful laser pointer. Do be cautious with it and never try to point it at human beings, animals, moving vehicles, air craft. In addition, please always keep far away from residential and enjoy the laser fun!