Tartarus Series 1000mW Green Laser Pointer Introduction

With the constant development of laser diode technology, high power green laser pointer has become quite popular in some of special fields. Among all available laser gadgets, a high power 1000mW green laser pointer is really a great astonishment to all of laser amateurs and enthusiasts.
Unlike traditional laser, green laser pointer is about five times more visible and brighter than red color lasers. As a result, this 1000mW green laser pointer is nearly over 8000 times brighter than the sun. I really cannot imagine how it can be so powerful. The visible beam can reach as long as 15,000 to 28,000 meters in atmosphere. There is never a laser gadget which is more visible and brighter than this high power 1000mW green laser pointer. It is just the world’s brightest laser you can legally own.

As one of the world’s brightest handheld laser, this Tartarus series 1000mW green laser pointer appears over 8,000 times brighter than looking directly at the sun. It is really a big astonishment the first time I came across this digit. As a result, a pair of laser safety goggles has become a must whenever pointing such a high power laser pointer.

Technical parameters of Tartarus series 1000mW Green Laser Pointer:
Wavelength:     532nm
Output power:     1000mW
Dimension:     40×228mm
Laser range:     15,000-28,000 meters
Divergence:     <1.5mRad
Beam mode:     TEMoo
Beam diameter at aperture:     ~1.5 mm
Crystal type:     Nd:VYO4:KTP
Power Source:     1 × 3.6V 18650 Lithium-ion batteries
Power switch type:     Constant on/off button
Optics:     Glass 2-sided AR coated
Expected Lifetime:     8000hours
Warranty Period:     1 year

Applications of high power laser pointers:
With the constant research of multiple functions in those of high technology areas, professionals have made great work to make high power green laser pointer in various kinds of occasions. For instance, Tartarus series green laser pointer 1000mW is now applicable in military, scientific research, medical treatment, optical experiment as well as basic applications such as burning papers, cutting electric tapes, or lighting matches. This powerful gadget can always make a temporary burning or popping in very short time. For example, high power green laser pointer is applicable in modern time medical treatment. Surgeons would use it during surgical intervention. The powerful beam would be useful in rapid stopping bleeding during operation. It is a very new but effective attempt in modern time medical care.
In addition, this powerful Tartarus series green laser pointer is always applicable in military. It is an ideal choice for target designation and ranging, defensive countermeasures, communications and directed energy weapons.
Safety measures: Whenever pointing a powerful laser, laser safety goggles is always a must in order to keep eyes safe from the radiation of powerful laser beam. In addition, people should never try to point it at human beings, animals, moving vehicles, and air craft. Anywhere or anytime, please always be cautious enough and enjoy the laser fan!