Experience with Long Distance Laser Designator

What the hell can a long distance 532nm green laser designator do in our daily life? It is a totally different gadget from usual available red, blue, green laser pointers. On contrary it is a very useful laser device applicable in laser alignment, targeting aiming and positioning, hunting and spotting, search and rescue, outdoors and hiking.

Long distance laser designator is a produced with high quality green laser module, high quality optical glass lens, drive circuit and housing. It is a high performance and high transmission cool gadget which creates true night vision and has perfectly turned your scoped rifle into a true night hunter. It offers maximum illumination even on moonless night.

In order to make sure of its high performance and stable operation during long time work, the long distance laser designator is designed with short system length, fully o-ring sealed of dust, small spherical aberration. In addition, the specially designed rotary optical beam collimator allows its quick adjustment of beam diameter and intensity. The amplified coherent light has made this long distance laser designator to be the most efficient light for long distance illumination.

Combining a powerful green laser diode and a precise optical collimator, it allows you to cast a bright beam of green laser light to fully illuminate targets up to 300m. The optical collimator allows quick and full range adjustment of beam diameter and intensity with just 360 degrees of rotation.

Long Distance Green Laser Designator has other reliable features such as short system length, small spherical aberration and fully multicoated optical lens systems. The amplified coherent light has made it highly efficient for long distance illumination for military armies on the battlefield. This long distance laser designator is applicable for rifles and M14, M16, AK47, G17, G19, G20 shotguns with 21mm mount.

Apart from its wide application in military weapons, this multifunctional Long Distance Green Laser Designator is also a useful device for outdoor aiming, positioning, emergency searching and rescue operations, marine expeditions, military enforcement and home defense. It is portable design has made it convenient to take with anywhere you go.

Application of Long distance laser designator:

Hunting and Targeting:

Observation of wildlife, military targeting, detection at long distance without being noticed and causing alarm.

Search&Rescue in various weather and terrain

Visible bright beam of up to 3 miles allows easy and quick positioning of rescue location.

Outdoor & Hiking

Adjustable focus beam with 10×expand makes bright ways for any outdoor terrain. It is an energy saving device for long time outdoor survival.