How to Use ND50 Long Distance Laser Designator

How to Use ND50 Long Distance Laser Designator

LaserTo ND50 long distance laser designator has created the greatest night illumination in targeting field. It is designed to be used with a rifle scope, or on a waver style rail, mounted to binoculars or spotting scope, and as a handheld light. This is a totally great alternative of night vision.

Not all hunters or spotters are familiar with the laser designator. It is necessary to have a total understanding of how to operate before really holding this gadget in hands.


Using Safety Precautions:

It is no kidding. The laser designator is not a toy! It should be used responsibly, and only by adult.

Warning: Potential eye injury and interference with critical activities

Laser safety hazard warning

ND50 long distance laser designator emits extremely bright and visible green laser light. It can potentially cause injury to the eyes if not used correctly. Anybody who is holding such a gadget should never look into laser or at bright reflections.

Never aim laser designator or its reflection at an aircraft at any distance. It is never allowed to illuminate it at aircraft, vehicles. It is dangerous. Do not do it!


Do not stare into beam or view directly with optical instrument such as binocular, spotting scope or telescope via a Class IIIB laser product.


Safety Measures of product operation:

laser pointer

A)     Activation

Active laser by pressing the push button for continuous use or depress the momentary pressure switch for on demand use.


Caution: ND50 long distance laser designator is a powerful device that requires special attention for its operation. People should have a totally understanding of instructions and safety precautions carefully before real operation of this gadget.


B)     Replacing and installing laser designator battery

Remove the push button assembly (located in the rear end of the laser designator) by turning it counter clockwise.

Place one CR123A battery inside, with the positive end facing out. Replace the push button assembly or the momentary pressure switch securely by turning it clockwise until tight. It is now ready for use.


C)     Beam adjustment

Located in the mid-section of your laser designator is a 1/4 inch sick rotating ring. The ring is marked from your MIN (minimum output radius) to MAX (the maximum output radius). The dial is the zoom control for the laser sight.


Do not attempt to disassemble or clean the laser designator internally. This will invalidate the warranty. If it needs repair or adjustment, try to contact us and get more information.


The external surface should occasionally be wiped clean with the lens cloth provided, a soft lint-free cloth, or an optical quality lens paper. Remove any external dirt or sand with a soft brush so as to avoid scratching the finish. Wipe the laser designator with a damp cloth, following with a dry cloth. Store the unit in moisture – free environment.

Do not open, modify, or service this product, except for changing the battery.

Belinda Hazels has worked on laser diode technology from the year of 2008, and research on safety measures of laser pointer has become one part of her work. Do be cautious with Class IIIB and Class IV lasers, and enjoy the laser fan!