Choose a Suitable Green Laser Pointer for Astronomy

Owing to the most sensitive color and medium wavelength, 532nm green laser pointer has become a perfect tool for the use in the field of astronomy. Green laser pointer is a perfect tool for stargazing since it has saved a lot of time on waving arms, pointing fingers, explaining and gesturing, yet the bright beam of green laser pointer has just make a quick and easy aiming of the celestial objects. Besides, green laser pointer can also be used while astronomers are watching celestial object via a telescope. In a word, green laser pointer is the most perfect gadget that is applicable in astronomy.

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Green laser pointer ranging from 5mW until 150mW is available for astronomy use. Thus people should make a clear decision on which one of green laser pointer is the most suitable one to use. It can be tricky to select the most suitable laser from green laser pointers ranging from 5mW until 150mW. Here are some useful suggestions about how powerful the green laser pointer should be.

The first thing to be considered should be atmosphere visibility. A 5mW green laser pointer is only used in good weather condition for personal use. A higher power 100mW green laser pointer or 150mW green laser pointer will be enough bright to be used at down or dusk, during a full moon or a place with a lot of air pollution. The higher power green laser pointer is featured by its good atmosphere dispersion, which is so bright that can be spread to the celestial object only in a few seconds.

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Second thing that should be taken into consideration is that how many people star gazing with you. A 5mW green laser pointer is enough for personal stargazing. A higher power green laser pointer with an output power at least 100mW will be suitable when you are stargazing with a large group of people who will not be standing near you. Whenever you are choosing an astronomy green laser pointer, the suitable laser should be the best one for you to use.