Laser Pointer – Green Laser Pointer Used In Astronomy

There is nothing more boring than pointing stars with arms or fingers hardly to companion while nothing can be seen. It is really a hard work to point a star or any other celestial object by waving your arms, pointing fingers, describing and gesturing, and a good solution is very necessary to avoid the embarrassment of wrong pointing or boring explanation. I can make sure that there is nothing can compare with the green laser pointer, which is not in elegant and simple design but also the most perfect tool for astronomy stargazing.

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Green laser pointer is a very useful tool for stargazing because of its bright beam and the most sensitive color. The 532nm green laser pointer can be used to watch stars and celestial objects in the night sky, which is also be used to observe little spot on low cloud. The beam is powerful enough to help astronomers make an easy and quick pointing of the objects.

Using green laser pointer for pointing out celestial objects is not the only one application in astronomy. A pen series green laser pointer can also be mounted on a telescope by a bracket or by holding the laser by hand in the groove parallel to the telescopes optical axis. The bright beam of green laser pointer will clearly show where the telescope is pointing, which has provided great convenience for astronomers to have a quick destination and clear observation of the objects being viewed by the telescope. The telescope would make an easier and quicker watching of the celestial objects while green laser pointer is mounted on it.

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The special designed astronomy green laser pointer is available ranging from 5mW until 150mW. A lower power 5mW green laser pointer is usually used by individuals in good weather condition. A high power green laser pointer with an output power from 50mW to 150mW can be used in astronomy teaching or researches, which are especially useful in bad atmosphere visibility such as heavy fogs, cloudy days, or seriously polluted atmosphere. The higher power astronomy green laser can always make a quick and easy aiming of the target star or any other celestial object. The wide application has made the green laser pointer become the most popular gadget in use of astronomy stargazing and telescoping.