Optical Fiber Detector Review

LaserTo has developed the latest optical fiber detector, a specialized tool available for optical fiber technicians to make fiber trouble trace, location and test etc. This kind of red laser source optical fiber detector is mostly applicable in visual fault test of optical fiber, cable by onsite construction personnel.Great function of 650nm red dot optical fiber detector:
● This compact structure optical fiber detector is able to make accurate tests of optical fiber broken, bending and fault location.
● Besides those of formal tests, optical fiber professionals always use this detector in fault inspection of OTOR dead zone. The optical fiber detector is able to project continuous red light to make end to end optical fiber recognition.
● The universal interface designed assures the LD light source optical fiber detector applicable in various optical fiber and cable projects.
● The CW (continuous wavelength) optical fiber detector integrated with battery power supply, performs perfectly in long time operation. This pen designed detector is able to make a continuous pointing of more than 10 hours.
● This aluminum alloy structure gadget adopts surface plating process to make a perfect performance in all kinds of temperatures and environments.

Maintenance instruction:
1.Please put optical fiber detector in dry and well ventilated place. Keep the fiber optical connector covered and take the battery off while no use of it.
2.Cleaning fiber optic connector frequently to assure optical path cleared.
3.Never disassemble the gadget individually.