The Most Magic 1mW APC Green Laser Pointer

LaserTo provides the specialized 532nm 1mW APC (auto-power controlled) green laser pointer applicable for professional operation work.
This 1mW APC green laser pointer projects constant 1mW output power in operation temperature of 25 degrees. This is the first total FDA approval pure laser device you can legally own in the world.
Features of 1mW APC green laser pointer:
Permanent 1mW output power. This high tech green laser is an auto-power controlled, designed with inner photodiode of 532nm, detect the output power, converts to be current feedback to the circuit, and then automatically control the output power of only 1mW. This stable output power device is able to project a guaranteed 1mW under operation temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.Stable performance in continuous operation. 1mW green laser pointer is able to make a stable performance cause of inner cooling system design. Enjoy the constant 1mW output power green laser pointer from