1500mW Tartarus Series Green Laser Pointer Badly in Need

This 1500mW Tartarus series green laser pointer would be another proud creativity after the appearance of 1500mW Levin series blue laser pointer. As a rare available cool gadget, this portable green laser is badly in badly demanding in modern time’s military force, laboratory experiment as well as those usual applications of high power burning and thermal experiment.What the hell can high power 1500mW green laser pointer be available in the world? The 1500mW Tartarus series green laser pointer is really a splendid originality of the whole laser diode technology. There is never a gadget that can be powerful enough as this powerful portable green laser.
This is a totally different laser with FDA approval that can be legally owned by human beings. It comes out with air craft used Aluminum body material. This substantial material has made it applicable in various kinds of austere atmosphere during operation. It is really a great challenge for laser diode professionals to make such a kind of high power laser pointer available to human beings.The solid body is also designed with extra air cooling system. There is specially designed heat tank in front of the laser head. This is also the reason why this 1500mW Tartarus series green laser pointer is a bit longer than usual used laser gadgets. In addition, the adjunction of heat tank has made this powerful gadget more superior in long time continuous pointing during operation. It is also a perfect method to avoid the laser diode being burnt out with the continuous increase temperature during long time working.
Under the condition of high energy consumption, this 1500mW Tartarus series green laser pointer is powered by 1 3.6V 18650 Lithium ion batteries. The long lifetime of battery has made it possible for laser to maintain a very long time continuous pointing. In addition, the equipped battery charger has just made the battery used again and again. There is never a need for people to worrying about changing new batteries.
Technical Parameters:
Name                  Green Laser Pointer
Wavelength       532nm
Output power   1500mW
Dimension        40×228mm
Laser range      15,000-28,000 meters
Laser Class      Class III
Divergence      <1.5mRad
Beam mode     TEMoo
Beam diameter at aperture     ~1.5 mm
Crystal type     Nd:VYO4:KTP
Power Source     1 × 3.6V 18650 Lithium-ion batteries
Operating time w/ new batteries     -1hr. Depending on model
Power switch type     Constant on/off button
Optics     Glass 2-sided AR coated
Housing material     Brass, coated
Expected Lifetime     >8000hours
Recommended duty cycle     20 sec. on, 10 sec. off
Warranty Period       1 year
Comment on this powerful green laser pointer:
This is totally the first FDA approved and the most powerful green laser pointer in world that can be legally owned by human beings. Its multiple designs of safety details are perfectly protected the laser pointer itself always in very stable performance. As a diode pump laser, it is perfectly isolating 1064nm wavelength and 808nm laser beam through crystal and IR filter, and finally reach this pure 532nm 1500mW green laser pointer. It is totally a master piece of the laser technology.
This is a class four high power green laser pointer. People should learn enough knowledge of safety operation of this class laser. Never try to point it without safety measures, and remember wearing laser safety goggles. This class four laser can cause a temporary and permanent blind to human being, or make a sudden burning of body or something else. Anytime of pointing such a powerful gadget, please always remember keeping far away from human residential and you can finally enjoy the laser fan.