Are Laser Pointers Dangerous to Cats?

Laser pointer being used as a pet toy has been a highly controversy topic for a very long time. Cats or dogs like to chase the red dot all the time. What kind of result it will bring once you have chosen a laser pointer pen as a pet toy? Is there any harm in using a laser pointer as a cat toy?

There are lots of worries brought by this toy, and the article below will introduce the main concern of using laser pointer as a pet toy. Serious facts of laser toy:

cat toy - laser pointerSome cats or dogs are going crazy for laser pointer toys. They will chase the red dot until they are exhausted. Pet owners would always feel this is the most horrible and cruel thing to treat with their pets in this way.

How to use laser pointer toy correctly?

Tip one: Never use laser pointer as the only one toy for your cats or dogs.

Every time you are playing with your cat or dog, laser pointer should be never the only one toy for him or her. Every after playing laser tag with your pets, please put the light away and never let laser pointing last a very long time.

Try to toss him or her a ball, bone, or stuffed mouse to bat around and maul. Please practice your pets to be familiar with multi kinds of toys, and remove his or her attention to laser tag.

Tip two: No hurt and no harm to your pets.
Pets would be always interested in red dot laser pointer pens. A low powered 1-5mW red laser pointer is enough as a toy to be played with your pets. Only a visible red spot is enough to active your pets. As long as you don’t shine the laser beam into their eyes, there is no physical danger to his or her retina. Never try to point the laser at animal eyes would be your correct choice.

However, some people are worrying that pet cats or dogs might be crazy with this kind of toy. They even worry that too much play may frustrate the cats’ natural instinct to hunt, capture, and kill. No matter how hard fluffy tries, the low power red laser dot will never be this.

Laser pointer should be never the only one toy to your pets. Every time of playing a laser pointer should not be lasting long. Your pets will love this toy and enjoy the laser fan.