Pilots Blinded By Green Laser Pointer

New laser incidents happened last night. Two pilots were temporarily blinded by green laser pointers shone into the cockpit at Wellington airport.

laser incidentsA Jetstar flight was preparing to take off, when a green laser pointer was shone at the pilot from the Lyall Bay area at about 8:40 pm. About 20 minutes later, an Air New Zealand plane coming into land was also shone by a laser pointer. Two laser strikes have happened within an hour.

It is extremely dangerous to point laser pointer at air plane. The pilot might see nothing when the laser beam is shined on glasses. It will completely blind you, and nothing will be visible.

There are at least 100 passengers carried by the airplanes. If air crush happens, all people will lose their lives. Aircraft safety is the most serious concern, and the laser incidents should be never appeared.

If you are an amateur of astronomy star pointing, never aim your laser at any aircraft. As a matter of fact, it’s a federal violation as well as an unethical behavior. You will be finally responsible for what you have done. There has been a 13-fold trend in reported aircraft caused by laser incidents from 2005 to 2011 from the Federal Aviation Administration report. Even though people have realized the possible hurt caused by laser incidents, but there has also been an upward trend in individuals who have been prosecuted for such offenses.

If blind caused by laser incidents, laser owners will be possible put in prison and pay for the loss made by laser abuse.

Among all available lasers, green laser is the most visible one in darkness owing to its most sensitive green color to naked eyes. Even a 5mW green laser pointer will bring temporarily hurt and damage to retina on condition that the laser is pointed on glass angle. A beam of strong visible and bright green laser will hurt eyes seriously and bring temporary blind.

Any individuals who is in procession of a laser pointer, please do be cautious and never try to abuse it in your area.

● Laser pointing is no kidding. Never point your laser at people and animal eyes, moving vehicles, and air planes.
● You should always remember wearing laser safety goggles whenever you are using a Class IIIA laser pointer and portable lasers. Do be cautious and enjoy the laser fun!