Infrared Laser

Different from usual visible lasers, infrared lasers will bring you complete experience in practical application field. Infrared lasers are available in invisible beam to naked eyes, in spectrum among 785nm to 1555nm. The infrared lasers are in wavelength of 785nm, 808nm, 852nm, 980nm, 946nm, 1030nm, 1047nm, 1053nm, 1064nm, 1080nm, 1084nm, 1112nm, 1122nm, 1313nm, 1319nm, 1338nm, 1342nm, 1357nm, 1444nm, 1555nm.

Unlike visible lasers, infrared lasers in spectrums of 785nm-1555mm wavelengths have greatly applied in high tech fields such as surveillance industry, military targeting as well as domestic and foreign intelligence agencies. For instance, IR laser illuminator has perfectly adapted in surveillance fields with long distance and wide goal illumination. This infrared laser illuminator is applicable in surveillance of residential security, traffic inspection, border control, oil mining, railways and warehouse etc.
IR laserInfrared laser emits invisible beam to human eyes. Military forces have used infrared lasers to illuminate hostile targets without being noticed and revealing its position. The infrared laser will enhance light on targeted goal. The infrared illumination will make it easy to get fast targeting and positioning in work.

Emitting light directly from laser diode, infrared lasers are always manufactured from the best laser diode and circuit board to fulfill high stability, high efficiency, high reliability, and excellent laser beam quality in work.

Since infrared laser is invisible to human eyes, safety is a major concern for all operators. Human eyes will never detect and notice the IR wavelength. A high power infrared laser might make explosions of retina without detection until it is too late. Any infrared laser should be only operated by skilled professionals using proper equipment. Never expose your eyes to infrared laser, and a pair of laser goggles for preventing infrared beam is a must.