Infrared Laser for Medical Therapy

Infrared laser technology is widely used in modern medical research and clinical treatment fields. For instance, the medical applications of infrared laser technology mainly contain body temperature detections, clinical diagnosis of the disease, disease treatment and health.
laser pointerThe therapeutic effect of infrared laser:
The application of light on therapy is called “light therapy”, when there is no pain during treatment. The basic principle of hyperthermia focuses on temperature raising, blood vessels relaxing, body metabolic rate increasing etc. The infrared laser is an effective therapy in promoting healing, increasing flexibility of ligament, joint capsule and muscle etc.

Infrared laser belongs to electromagnetic wave, projecting effective thermal result on pointed part. The wavelength range is among 7700A-14000A. The infrared laser emits especially pure hot light, which is usually limited to the surface of the skin, the number of peripheral circulation reflection agencies dictates. Therefore, when infrared laser is absorbed by body tissues, it will produce a kind of energy that is smoothing and beneficial to human body, and penetrate into human tissue.

The physiological basis and effect of infrared laser:
The changes stemmed from infrared thermal effect mainly contains temperature raise of the surface of the skin, the improvement of subcutaneous blood circulation, the relaxation of muscle tension, alleviate pain, and the regulation of the autonomic nerves normalizations etc. But we should always notice that powerful infrared light might cause burns, blisters and other tissue damage when skin temperature has been above 45° C.

The advantages of infrared laser treatment:
● Increase metabolism, enzyme activity and oxygen demand, and lower blood pressure.
●Promote vasodilation, increase blood circulation and microvascular permeability. It will help eliminate waste, wound cleaning and accelerate wound healing etc.
●Increase never conduction velocity and muscle flexing ability, relieve pain and muscle spasms.
●Increased tissue stretch and reduce the synovial fluid viscosity, reduce stiffness discomfort.

Infrared laser therapy Introduction
●Pain therapy: infrared laser can be used in therapy of pains of muscle, nerve and joint. It is especially effective in pains caused by slow nerve conductions.
●Trauma: Infrared laser therapy is helpful to passed acute phase trauma. It can facilitate recovery as well as relieve pain. For instance, infrared laser therapy is helpful to sprains, fractures, tendonitis, bone liquid bursitis, connective tissue Yandeng.
●Pain or spasms caused by muscle tension: infrared laser therapy is extremely effective in reducing and inhibiting muscle tension and spasm.
●Peripheral circulatory insufficiency: Infrared laser pointer is a superficial thermal effects, which is playing a significant effect in reflex blood circulation improvement
●Skin diseases: chronic skin diseases, such as chronic dermatitis, acne vulgarism.