Put High Power Green Laser Pointer On Fire

There has been a very long time before burning lasers began share a large space in laser markets. Unlike lower powered lasers are being used as a presentation tool, high powered 1000mW Tartarus series green laser pointer is playing an extremely important role in various burning and thermal experiment as well as a basic tool for long distance targeting and pointing.

Features of high power portable green laser:
From the original selection of laser diode, lens and circuit board, there have been strict test and inspection to ensure the most qualified inner structure. The finest finished laser diode and stable circuit board have perfectly protects the high power portable laser in best working conditions.

On considering of high output power, it is always a major concern to add internal cooling system. The inner metal heat sink can perfectly maintain stabilization of the portable laser in constant improving temperature during operation. In cooperation with this thermal stabilization design, the high power 1000mW Tartarus series green laser pointer can maintain an extremely long lifetime of more than 8,000 hours. It is not recommended to point this high power green laser more than 30 seconds. The reasonable operation can always assure the best condition of laser and extend the expected lifetime.

High safety standard design has perfectly protected laser operators in use. For instance, Laser To adopts the most advanced aircraft used aluminum alloy material in manufacturing of high power portable green laser. The hard and durable shell can assure the high power laser in best condition in all kinds of working environments, even harsh weathers. There is no possibility that the laser gadget can be out of shape.

In order to comply with high safety standard of FDA, there is strict restriction of design standards of all laser devices. For instance, there are dual safety keys, one designed for power switch, the other designed for remote connector, which assure the high power lasers are operated in the highest safety standard.

Standing among Class IV lasers, any kind of abuse or non authorization of using of high power portable laser are not allowed. The portable green laser is only operable with dual safety keys.

Notice: Each time of operation such a high power portable laser, any staring of laser beam or spot is not allowed. In addition, please never try to point your long distance visible green laser to any moving vehicles, aircrafts, human and animal eyes. Anybody operating such device should wear laser goggles to protect radiations from powerful laser. High power 1000mW green laser pointer is not a toy, but a powerful weapon in the palm of the hands.