Playing 5mW Red Laser Pointer with Your Pets

It is always the major concern for all pets’ owners that never let your pets feel alone. The pet’s health is always the top priority to all pets’ owners. 5mW red laser pointer projects an extremely charming Red laser beam, which is not harmful for your pet’s eyes, even in the case of direct contact. This low powered device with the most secured design to make sure everything is safe while playing with pets.

What are the featured characteristics of 5mW red laser pointer? It adopts the pen style design, allowing you to bring any place with your pet cat or dog. This portable laser is able to be put in the pocket, there will be few inconveniences you can feel while carrying it outdoors. The Red beam is especially bright and attractive, which has provided the chance to show off you in front of people gathering.

This elegant designed 5mW red laser pointer is manufactured from the most durable brass body material, and anodized with matte white shell design. The elegant and fine designed white shell laser is able to maintain the most stable and reliable performance in all kinds of application fields. Besides those of practical applications in scientific research, laser safety experiment institutes, lab experiment, it would be always a perfect tool as a pet toy. The 650nm red laser projects the most unique and purest Red beam, will bring your pets completely different experience while playing with your pets.

There is no worrying about its operation. The 5mW red laser pointer is operated by alkaline powerful supply, which is operated by two pieces of AAA batteries. Two new batteries will ensure an extremely long endurance time of more than 180 minutes. No matter what kind of laser pointer you are keeping in the palm of the hands, people should be always responsible and control the constant operation time lower than 30 seconds. The reasonable operation will greatly extend the lifetime of this laser pen more than 8000 hours at least.

In queue of Class IIIa laser, laser safety operation is still an important concern. Even though this is little harm from a low powered laser pointer, it is never a correct instruction to point the laser directly to pet cats or dogs. Never try to point the pen laser to any moving vehicle, air plane or refection boards such as mirrors. The reflected beam will be greatly dangerous and might cause incidents unexpectedly.

This 5mW Red laser pointer is just one of your pet toys, but not the only one. It is certainly not a good idea to let your pets chase behind the light spot without stop. Never do it. Try to attract attention from other toys after laser pointer chasing. This low powered 5mW red laser pointer will never regret you unless you have the chance to play it with your pets.