The Best 100mW Blue Laser Pointer

blue laser pointerNot as visible as green laser in the wild, the 100mW Hades Series blue laser pointer will bring out the most powerful and brightest blue light in all kinds of presentation and pointing occasions. Standing among the wavelength between 380 and 480 nanometers, this 460nm blue laser is the most popular and competitive laser that you can hold in the palm of the hands.

Since blue color is the brightest color to naked eyes, this Hades series 100mW blue laser pointer can always project the most powerful blue laser beam and light spot on targeted object. It is able to make a rapid burning of dark color balloon, paper and electric tapes etc. The bright light can reach the object rapidly in the shortest time, and make the burning quickly.

Perfect inner design has designed the blue laser pointer always in the best conditions in all kind of working environments. For instance, Laser To adopt the most durable aluminum alloy body material, which is structure durable in all application fields. The high quality shell has protected the laser pen from deformation or veneration caused by careless use.

On basis of the most advanced laser diode technology, the 100mW Hades series blue laser pointer is designed and manufactured from the most stable and reliable finished 460nm laser diode. The blue light will be projected directly from the 460nm blue laser diode. The finished laser diode will be more stable and easy operation while cooperating with circuit board. In addition, the most special design of inner cooling system will be very helpful to maintain temperature stabilization in processing of laser pointing. There will be mere the chance that 460nm blue laser diode is burnt out in operation. The inner temperature control system will perfectly project the 100mW blue laser pointer in the best condition all the time.

Belongs to Class IIIB lasers, people should be always cautious enough while pointing a high power laser pointer. For instance, anybody who owns high power lasers should be knowledgeable enough with laser safety information as much as possible. Anytime operating a powerful laser, please never try to point it at any moving vehicles, air plane, human and animal eyes and skins. Anybody operating a high power Hades series 100mW blue laser pointer should wear a pair of laser safety goggles to protect eyes from any radiation of powerful beams. You will never be regretting to point such a charming beam blue laser pointer in your life. A crystallization 100mW blue laser pointer will let you be the most shining star in the sky.