Get Genuine Green Laser Pointer from LaserTo

green laser pointerCheap green laser pointer can emit dangerous level of invisible infrared laser radiation. Nobody is able to notice the invisible beam through naked eye, until a severe retina hurt brought by powerful laser radiation. Consumers should be always responsible to them, and get genuine lasers from reliable supplier.

How to get a green laser pointer?
Green laser pointer is got from diode pump laser diode, not a finished laser diode. Professionals get a 532nm green laser light in three step process. First step, a formal standard laser diode will generate near infrared light with a wavelength of 808nm. Second step, the near infrared light is focused onto a neodymium crystal that converts the light into 1064nm infrared laser light. Third step, the 1064nm infrared laser passes into a frequency doubling crystal that emits green light at a wavelength of 532nm.

There has been a long way to get a finished green laser pointer from a standard laser diode. Laser filter will be designed inside the laser device so as to prevent infrared light leaking from the laser diode. However, shoddy green lasers will be designed without IR filter. While people are pointing a shoddy laser, invisible infrared light will be pointed out at the same time. The invisible infrared light is extremely dangerous to human eyes, usually we only recommend skilled people to operate infrared laser under special laser safety equipment. The exposure of eyes of infrared light will make blind or serious retina damage.

Safety Operation of green laser pointer:
Low cost green laser pointer is seriously hazard, since humans or animals may incur significant eye damage by exposure to invisible light before they become aware of the invisible infrared light. Never try to purchase low cost lasers without any safety standard.

It is a necessity to choose green laser pointer with CE, FDA safety standard. It is no joking to play with a laser pointer, but pay high attention to laser safety whenever you are holding such kind of gadget.

In addition, a pair of laser safety goggles should never be ignored to make high standard safeguard to human eyes. A suitable red lens laser goggles will be enough to protect eyes in all kinds of laser operations. Just let the high safety standard green laser pointer be your tool, not be a risk.