LaserTo Latest Arrival – 5mW Forest Green Diode Laser Pointer

LaserTo has lately launched the most marvelous and rare available diode made 515nm forest green diode laser pointer. This is the most visible diode manufactured green laser that allows the brightest and longest distance visible pointing in various presentation works.

Different between 515nm and 532nm green lasers:
On basis of the most advanced laser diode technology, professionals have worked on finished diode green laser not long time ago. Comparing with former diode pumped 532nm green laser, this newly developed 515nm forest green diode laser pointer is more stable and reliable in long time operation work. Usually a diode laser is more easily available than a diode pump laser. As a result, this forest green diode is able to obtain a stable performance in various operation occasions.

Manufactured from compact green laser diode module, this 515nm laser diode made forest green laser pointer projects high quality TEM00 mode laser beam, and provides the longest distance beam visibility in the wild.

The fine quality 515nm green diode laser pointer assures high efficient pointing of green laser light in various presentations such as fluorescence excitation, laser display and a broad spectrum of other applications.