Green Laser Sight Let Your Weapon More Powerful

Long distance targeting and shooting has been an indispensible part in military or hunting fields. For instance, hunters will need a rifle to shoot preys a few miles far away, and a long distance light spot visible green laser sight would be a greatly helpful assistance in hunting fields.

How to operate green laser sight while mounted on rifles?
Laser To has introduced two series green laser sights which are applicable on rifle, shotguns etc. Usually operators can easily mount the green laser sight onto the rifles or shotguns while a 21mm mount.

The laser device will be able to project a visible green laser beam which is parallel to the tube of rifles. It will produce an especially visible and bright green laser light spot that is also parallel to the shooting guns or rifles.

In front of the green laser sight 303WT, there will be two outside designed screws, which will allow free adjustment of laser sight shooting position during shooting operation. In addition, the outside designed screws will provide you a rapid and highly précised aiming of targets in distance. Humans can always get an easy and accurate targeting under the help of this visible beam green laser sight.

What are the featured characteristics of green laser sight?
In order to fulfill stable and reliable performance in all kinds of operating environments, green laser sight has been manufactured from durable aircraft used aluminum alloy material. The durable body materials have perfectly protected the laser sight even in harsh temperature or spaces.

green laser sightThe military or civilian used green laser sight is superior designed with remote connector switch. Comparing with traditions tail switch, the remote connector switch will be greatly helpful in hunting and targeting work. There is only a one time press of switch, which make long distance targeting more conveniently and rapidly. This easy operated switch has made the laser sight shooting more efficiently and precisely.

green laser sight

Owing to its greatly visible light spot, green laser sight has been regarded as a greatly targeting tool in various targeting and positioning work in military reconnaissance and long distance outdoor hunting. Connected with specially designed 21mm mount, the green laser sight will be allowed to be mounted on various weapons, instruments in battery field or hunting fields.