Make Correct Selection of Laser Safety Goggles

Laser safety goggles makes efficient and safe protection of human eyes from various hazards from laser radiations and laser reflections of Class IIIB and Class IV lasers. It can prevent or reduce hurt to human eyes, and is applicable for multi varieties of high power laser systems.


Make Correct Protection of Human Eyes
There has been a wide selection of laser safety goggles with multiple materials so as to meet all kinds of laser operation environments and application occasions. Laser operators should make a proper selection of laser safety goggles on basis of exact applications to achieve the most effective laser protection.

Laser users should have a general acknowledgement of the maximum output power, beam diameter and pulsed time in order to make a decision of the maximum irradiance and maximum radiation exposure. On basis of related wavelength, the maximum allowed irradiance in limited radiation time, laser operators will get the required minimum optical density (OD) of laser safety goggles. All technical data will help laser users to make a correction of the most appropriate laser safety goggles.

Along with the high speed development of laser diode technology, more and more powerful lasers have begun to be applied in military or civilian fields. Meanwhile, laser safety goggles have become obviously important in laser use. LaserTo has been one of major supplier of absorbing type of laser safety goggles.

Featured characteristics of LaserTo’s laser safety goggles:
Absorbing type laser safety goggles adopts special absorbent in base material PC, which will have no selection of light source and make safe protection of various diffuse. The laser safety goggles will make high efficiency protection to naked eyes from laser radiation from any angle of incident light.

Laser safety goggles adopt durable hardened polycarbonate lenses, which are able to resistant to breakings, no afraid of surface wear. It will not affect laser light protection even if there have been scratches on lens. The laser safety goggles is featured by rapid light response, which can make fast response to laser light within 9-10 seconds. The utilization of special absorbent has made the laser safety goggles also applicable in shielding property of dazzling white light.

Anybody choosing a pair of laser safety goggles should make total understanding of laser hazards and laser safety measures. An appropriate laser goggles will prevent laser radiations and project eyes in best condition in various high powered laser operation work.