How to Choose Line Laser Alignment from LaserTo?

Line projecting laser alignment provides both moderate and accurate reference line on targeted surface where a line alignment is in need. It is used for leveling applications. Before selecting a suitable line laser alignment, one need to make clear of laser color, target distance, fan angle etc.

1. What color should one choose?
There are both visible colors and invisible colors line laser alignment in, including 635nm red, 532nm green, 808nm IR and 980nm IR.
Red color is recommended the most suitable color, and the price is lower than other one. However, green (532 nm) lasers have a higher visibility, as the human eye is more sensitive to green.
808nm IR and 980nm IR laser is invisible to human’s eyes, but they are able to be captured by machines. That is the reason why they are mostly used, too.

red line laser alignment

2. How far should my laser be from the target?
The fan angle decides the line length and width of line laser imaging. Use the fan angle calculator or the line length calculator to determine the fan angle (the angular spread of the laser beam) or the line length at one desired working angle

3. What else does one need?
Power supply:
All line laser alignments from Laser To are operated by DC input to achieves continuous 24 hours alignment work a day. This outer designed power supply has made it easy and portable to operation.
Mounting Bracket,
Position your laser for precise alignment. Fixed or pivoting. Brackets are also effective dissipaters of heat.

After knowing previous information, hope it is helpful for customers to choose suitable line laser alignment from Laser